Media Contacts

Journalists and broadcasters can contact the Communications team via the email or by calling at the details mentioned on this page.

GES 2018 Press office team

For all press office enquiries please contact
Dolly Awati - Jt. Director, Corporate Communication and Trade Promotion, World Trade Centre Mumbai
mail to: | +91 9320530693/ +91 22 66387381

GES 2018 press release email distribution list

If you would like to be added to our email distribution list for press releases, please email the WTC Mumbai Press Office with the following information:
Your name | Preferred email address | Telephone number | Organisation

Publications team

For publications related enquiries please contact
Tripti Chakravorty – Assistant Director, Trade Research & International Trade Promotion, World Trade Centre Mumbai
mail to: | +91 9821914403 / +91 22 66387376

If your enquiry is not media or press related, please visit the GES2018 contacts page or call the WTC Mumbai switchboard on +91 22 66387272